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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to audition to join East Grinstead Choral Society?

No. Anyone is welcome to join us. 

Do I need previous experience?

No. Lots of our members haven't sung before or have returned to it after many years. Laurence our Music Director is a singer himself and gives us lots of fantastic advice on how to improve our voices.

Do I have to be able to read music?

No. We take the time in rehearsal to make sure everyone knows their parts. Plus when you're singing with other people, it becomes a lot easier. We do use sheet music in rehearsals and we will give you lots of tips and hints to help you.

Do I have to sing solo?

No, we won't put you on the spot! One of the fantastic parts of EGCS is getting to listen to the amazing professional soloists who come and sing at our concerts (and our orchestras!).

What can I expect at a rehearsal?


Rehearsal sounds rather formal doesn't it? We prefer to think of it as two hours on a Thursday to have a sing and a laugh. The rehearsal will always begin with a gentle physical warm up, for example some breathing exercises, followed by either some singing exercises or more often, a round (which is a simple song learnt without music) which builds into many parts: this way, we get used to listening to everyone and singing in different parts from the start.

Then we will look at some music from the previous week and check we know all the parts before learning some new music. It is always a rewarding experience!

Do we perform with other musicians?

Yes! We love working with leading professional musicians in our concerts. One of the best bits is getting to rehearse with them on concert day then performing.

What commitment must I make in order to join?

Your first three rehearsals are free so you can try us out before committing yourself to joining! Then if you decide to join us, we do encourage you to come to as many rehearsals as you can, but we also understand people cannot make every single one.

Can I have access to recordings of the songs?

Yes, we upload recordings of your parts being sung so you can listen to your part and learn it whenever you like: in the car or the kitchen! We also create a playlist on YouTube of all the pieces you are singing, so you can access it for free.

Do you put on any concerts?

Yes. We normally put on four concerts a year - Autumn, Christmas, Spring and Summer concert. These are given at churches and venues in the local community. We are not affiliated to a church, but we think they make nice places to sing in.

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